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Protaset Ltd. is an electronic design consultancy, founded in 1980 and based in London. We specialise in embedded microprocessor design in communication systems and networks, and general control systems.

Protaset Ltd are authorised PICmicro MCU application design experts.

Protaset Ltd are authorised design consultants for the ST Microsystems ST6 and ST7 ranges of microcontrollers.
Protaset Ltd are Cypress CYPros Certified Consultants.
Protaset Ltd are Certified Silego Design Partners.
We have experience in such diverse areas as telecommunication systems, network monitoring systems, digital video broadcast equipment, security devices, PCMCIA cards and point of sales terminals.
Other areas of expertise include the design of hand-held low power battery operated units, and working with legacy systems (PDP11, etc.), producing modules which use modern components, but are still fully compatible in every way with the original systems.
Areas of expertise:

Hardware, software, firmware, and mechanical design

Developing specifications, and conducting feasibility studies.

Production engineering designs from the prototype stage.
Obtaining the required approvals, BABT, CE, FCC, etc.
For more precise details, see our design expertise page.

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